Summer offer in Val d'Ayas

Summer offer in Val d'Ayas

June July and August in Antagnod at the foot of Monte Rosa
Have you ever been to the mountains in the summer? Not yet? So I'll tell you how it is..

If you choose June you will find a cool climate in the evening and very pleasant during the day, the mountains will be green right up to the top, you will see the meadows in their maximum splendor of a fresh and intense green, you will see flowers of every shape and colour, the pastures will begin to get populated and the long days won't make you want to go home.

In July you will find cool evenings, but warmer days, the air will smell of freshly cut hay, you will be able to taste the first delicacies in the farmhouses which will now all be open, you will be able to reach all the peaks, the snow will have melted everywhere.

In August, the days will still be warm but the evenings could cool off more than they should, the evenings will get dark a little earlier the willowherb will give us the first signs that autumn is coming, but luckily the valley will still be populated by holidaymakers and there will be events and demonstrations, every moment will be good to go out and relax.

I hope I have helped you choose the most suitable period for your summer holiday in the Aosta Valley, do not miss this offer:
  • Overnight at the Petit Prince hotel, in a double room
  • Breakfast with fresh and genuine products homemade by our pastry chef, served on the terrace overlooking the Monte Rosa ice
  • Outdoor parking, reserved for our guests
  • Special discount for entry to MonterosaSPA in Champoluc
  • Lots of restaurants to recommend for delicious dinners

Price starting from €54 midweek e
from €109 for weekend stays.

Book now and secure your summer holiday on Monte Rosa, from 14th June to 14th September 2024.

The services you will find at the Petit Prince during your stay:
  • Breakfast with homemade pastries, yoghurt and fresh mountain milk
  • The bar is always at your disposal
  • Reading room in a magical atmosphere
  • Wellness center with sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi
  • Experiences and activities with our help

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Colapesce and Dimartino’s concert in Frachey, Ayas

On August 2nd, the “Lux Eterna Beach - Estate 2024” tour of Colapesce and Dimartino arrives at the foot of Monte Rosa en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 010

Giro ciclistico della Valle d’Aosta: the fourth stage finishes in Champoluc

July 2024, Saturday 20th, 28 cycling teams will cross the finish line on the background of Val d’Ayas en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 011

Museum of Sacred Art in Antagnod, Ayas, Aosta Valley

Located in the cemetery of the parish of San Martino, the museum guards precious liturgical objects and altars from other chapels en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 012

Fehta da Tchivra 2024: the GOAT festival

The 12th edition of the “Fehta da Tchivra” awaits you on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July in Challand-Saint-Anselme en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 013

Skyclimb Mezzalama 2024: starts on June 30th with some big news

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Mini Club Fiocco di Neve in Ayas

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The "Bataille de Reines" lands in Estoul on August 27th, 2023

On the last Sunday of August, the small village of Estoul will be ready to welcome the most panoramic "cows battle" en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 017

Celebration of mount Falconetta on August 14th, 2023

The traditional Mass on the Becca di Nana returns again this summer for the 49th edition en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 018

Monterosa Sabot Race, Saturday 22 July in Periasc, Val d'Ayas

The tsoque competition was born as a goliardic village race, a race in which only one rule applies: wear a nice pair of sabots! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 020

Welcome spring to the Aosta Valley

June: the beginning of summer in Val d'Ayas en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 021

Mezzalama Skyclimb 2022: Saturday 9 July the start at 7am from Saint-Jacques

The athletes, in teams in pairs, will climb to the top of Castore and return to Saint-Jacques in a maximum time of 7 hours! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 022

Goat Festival in Challand-Saint-Anselme, Val d’Ayas, Aosta Valley

10th Fehta da Tchivra - 2 and 3 July 2022: agro-food weekend with dancing during the evening! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 023

Ayas Welcomes Summer 2022: from 2 to 5 June in Champoluc

Summer is coming and many activities are presented to tourists who want to spend their holidays in Val d'Ayas! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 024

Brusson gold mines, guided tours

Easter 2022: new Level 6 gallery just opened to the public en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 025

Summer 2022 in Monterosa Ski: lifts open in Val d’Ayas

The Champoluc and Frachey ski lifts will be open from 25th June to 4th September 2022 en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 026

Tsan: Aosta Valley’s traditional sport

Local sport to play outdoors in spring or autumn also in Champoluc en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 027

Ski touring in the Aosta Valley

Reach Monte Rosa, the paradise of ski mountaineers, with your own strength en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 028

Skating on natural ice rink in Brusson

Skate rental, lessons with an instructor, hockey games and lots of fun ... on ice! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 029

Christmas holidays in Champoluc: shows, concerts and yoga in MonterosaSpa

Many initiatives for young and old await you at the foot of Monte Rosa: come and discover them with us! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 030

Goil Farmhouse, Gilles Colli's farm in Barmasc

Typical Aosta Valley cuisine with products cultivated in the family garden! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 031

Health and wellness in Monterosaterme di Champoluc in the Alps of the Aosta Valley

Do you know about the Monte Rosa glacier and the Aosta Valley? Come and discover them with us: a great surprise awaits you in Champoluc! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 032

Barmasc sanctuary visited by Pope John Paul II in the summer of 1990

It was July 15th when the Holy Father celebrated Mass on the plateau of Barmasc and prayed in the chapel of Our Lady of Good Aid en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 033

Enjoy your Summer 2021 in Val d’Ayas: the ski lifts of Monterosa Ski in Champoluc are opening!

In Val d’Ayas, the Monterosa Ski lifts will be open from 26th June and will allow you to climb to the top en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 034

Chamousira gold mine in Brusson in the Aosta Valley

The Chamousira gold mine opens in Brusson: are you ready for visits to the underground tunnels? en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 035

Yoga and well-being, meditation, exercises and practises at the foot of Monte Rosa

Are you dreaming of a holiday full of nature, relaxation and well-being? Come to Ayas and practice yoga with the teachers of Hub Champoluc a.s.d. en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 036

Champoluc adventure park: skill, dexterity, courage and lots of fun

Have you ever tried a walk on the trees in a wonderful wood with a view on Monte Rosa? en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 037

Antagnod’s Bell tower: but how many times does it ring?

The onion-shaped dome, the marble statue of the Immaculate Conception and the ten bells are its pride and beauty! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 038

Alpine pastures in the Aosta Valley: La Tchavana farmhouse in Ayas

Alpe Metsan is located in the upper Val d’Ayas, an enchanting place where the Bagnod family opened their "La Tchavana" farmhouse in 1999 en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 039

Archery in the months of July and August in Champoluc, Aosta Valley

Champoluc archers: the traditional archery school in Val d’Ayas en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 040

Green area at Pian Villy of Champoluc, Aosta Valley

Relax, pure air, sports and fun all in one place? In Pian Villy of course! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 041

Golf Val d'Ayas: in Champoluc the regulation 9-hole pitch & putt course

Get to know golf and learn to play it with us at the Ayas Golf Club in Champoluc in Pian Villy en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 042

Visiting the farm Alpe Corneuil in Ayas, Aosta Valley

The farm Alpe Corneuil is managed by two sisters Elise and Maria in the Val d’Ayas en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 043

3 places to visit with your children in Brusson, Aosta Valley, Italy

Between culture and history in the heart of the Val d’Ayas, between galleries and ancient ruins, in the midst of nature en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 044

Nordic Walking, Yoga and Excursions with Marzia in Aosta Valley

Many healthy activities for every season in Val d'Ayas with Marzia Mosca, VdA Naturalistic Hiking Guide en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 045

Active holiday on Monte Rosa: from skiing to cycling

Monterosa Ski: an area to be discovered also by mountain bike in Aosta Valley, Italy en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 046

Office and Consortium renovated in Champoluc

New look for the Ayas tourism office which also houses the headquarters of the Val d’Ayas Monterosa Tourist Consortium en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 047

3 walks to do with your children in Ayas

There are three itineraries that you can take with your little ones in the municipality of Ayas, in complete tranquility en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 048

Ski mountaineering with the Champoluc Alpine Guides

Adrenaline and pure fun on the off-piste itineraries of the Monte Rosa ski area en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 049

Tisane d’Autore® by Giovanna Barbato in Champoluc

One herbal tea, it’s story: art meets nature in a perfect blend! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 050

Fiera di Sant'Orso 2021: the millenary Fair of Aosta

Every year, on 30th and 31st of January, artists and craftsmen from Valle d’Aosta proudly display their works along the streets of Aosta’s city center en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 051

Cross-country skiing: discover the Ayas and Brusson slopes

Come and try the cross-country skiing trails in Val d’Ayas en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 052

Snow shoes in Brusson: 10 routes suitable for everyone

Ten new tracks of easy and medium difficulty to discover in the heart of the Ayas Valley en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 053

The Bière d’Ayas offers two new beers

The Cuneaz Russian Imperial Stout and the Antagnod A.P.A. en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 054

Galloping with Spirit in Val d'Ayas

Discover the stables "The Green Ranch asd" in Barmasc and the "Wild Horses" in Nabian of Challand-Saint-Victor! en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 056

The Monterosa Ski areas

In the upper Val d’Ayas you will find 3 ski areas with 3 independent starting points en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 057

Champoluc: 3 skiing valleys at the feet of Monte Rosa glacier

One of the largest and most panoramic ski areas in the Alps starts from Champoluc en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 058

Brusson: a balcony overlooking the valley

Ski lifts at over 1800 meters with a spectacular view over the valley en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 059

Antagnod: the sunny lifts of Monterosa Ski

Easy and sunny slopes in Antagnod in the high Val d'Ayas area, at the feet of Monte Rosa glacier.

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ABC Vacanze en summer-holidays-in-antagnod 064
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Route Barmasc, 1
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Rue Valley, 38
11022 Brusson (AO)
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